Butere Technical and Vocational College has a vibrant, dynamic academic library which has the mandate of aiding the college achieve its core functions that’s to provide middle level training in TVET, conduct applied research and carry out TVET related outreach, extension and community service.

The library also strives to help Butere Technical and Vocational College achieve its mission of producing high-end TVET graduates that are capable of effectively participating in National development through improvement and enhancement of productivity, value addition and evolving modern technologies.


  1. Identify, select and acquire relevant information resources that facilitate both learning and research.
  2. Organize the library information materials to facilitate access to retrieval.
  3. Provide reference, current awareness, dissemination of information and other library services.
  4. Disseminate relevant information to library clients
  5. Adopt use of new technologies and innovations in the library operations and service provision.
  6. To network with other information centers nationally and internationally.


The library is open from 8.30 am and closes at 5.00p.m during the weekdays. It remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays unless otherwise instructed.


Butere Technical And Vocational College has up-to-date information materials  ranging from Building and Civil ,Survey ,Mechanical, Automotive & Welding , Technical drawing , Mathematics , Hospitality and Consumer Sciences ,Beauty Therapy& Hair dressing, Fashion and Design , Agriculture ,Business management ,Human Resource ,Supply chain, Social work ,Secretarial ,Plumbing and  ICT materials on research.


The library has the circulation desk/Section, the reading area, the reference section, the new arrivals section where new materials are mounted for clients to acknowledge their arrival .More departments will be developed soo


The management is embracing the use of new technologies in the college and the library has been among the beneficiaries .Currently the library is in the process of acquiring, adopting, implementing the use of KOHA integrated library system which is used worldwide by the public, schools and academic libraries.


The college management has adopted the E-library section. At Butere Technical and Vocational College, being a center of excellence in TVET in Kenya and beyond is our vision as we practice our core values of professionalism, integrity and innovation.